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(Pocket-lint) - Huawei has revealed a new fitness tracker, the appropriately named Huawei Fit

This tracker - which we caught a glimpse of at the Huawei Mate 9 and Mate 9 Porsche Design launch - pairs a watch-style design with heart-rate monitor and various bright band colours. Just take a look at the bright orange one in our lead picture.

With a 35g aluminium main body the Fit certainly feels light in the hand. We assume it would be barely noticeable on the wrist - if Huawei security at the event hadn't lost their cool with us handling the product.

The Fit does more than just track your heart-rate though. Connect it to a smartphone and it will also send notifications, messages and calls via your device, which can be controlled from the 1.04-inch LCD display on the front.

huawei fit delivers heart rate monitor in a watch style fitness tracker image 2

This mono screen is simple looking but effective. Plus it should boost battery life potential, with Huawei claiming it's good for six days of use per charge.

But it's sports that Fit has been primarily designed for - as it can be used for cycling, running, swimming, walking and treadmill workouts. It can automatically detect when you're walking or running and will record data accordingly, such as distance travelled, calories and fat burned, plus the duration of activity.

A key feature is the built-in heart-rate monitor, which works continuously. Huawei claims this is highly accurate thanks to an "innovative design and high-signal strength".

You can manually check your heart rate by scrolling to the heart rate screen, have it automatically track the rate during a workout or monitor it continuously throughout the day. At the end of each day or workout session, you'll get a detailed view of how your heart rate has fluctuated.

huawei fit delivers heart rate monitor in a watch style fitness tracker image 3

To help motivate you to get up and exercise, the Huawei Fit has a number of built-in running programmes which can be tailored to your stamina and overall goals. There's pre-installed programmes for 5k, 10k, half marathon and marathon modes.

Once you've completed a training run, Fit will show you your recovery time and an overall training score, in addition to distance, duration, steps and calories burned.

And once you're tired from working out, the Fit will also track your sleep pattern and whether you're in a deep sleep or not.

The Huawei Fit is available now in the US in titanium gray and moonlight silver finishes and will be available in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Portugal towards the end of November. There's no word yet on UK availability.

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Writing by Max Langridge and Mike Lowe. Originally published on 3 November 2016.