(Pocket-lint) - Under Armour today announced a new fitness app, UA Record, and HTC has announced it has formed a strategic partnership with Under Armour to develop products that integrate directly with the sports platform.

It's been a busy day at CES 2015, with Under Armour making the announcement shortly before HTC confirmed the new partnership.

The UA Record app will give you fitness tracking tools, including motion and GPS data, but will also support steps, sleep, heart rate and weight tracking for a complete picture of your physical state, drawn from linked devices.

You'll be able to create a network of friends and create challenges, you can share progress, as well as access training advice. There will be an open API for third-party support, which is a big part of the appeal of UA Record. 

It's all part of the Under Armour Connected Fitness platform, which includes the MapMyFitness/Run/Ride/Walk/Hike apps that already exist.

One of the great things about UA Record is that you can link other devices with it, so you can use your Polar, Fitbit, Garmin, Suunto, Misfit, Withings, Jawbone, or other devices and have that data included. That means that UA Record can potentially be a one-stop shop for all your fitness tracking, rather than needing several different apps.

Under Armour

Perhaps more exciting is the announcement that HTC is working with Under Armour to develop products that will seamlessly integrate with UA Record.

The partnership will see Under Armour's sports experts working with HTC's Connected Products business unit. 

"HTC is renowned for its fearless commitment to innovation, coupled with an attention to detail and premium design that makes it the ideal partner for Under Armour and UA Record," said Robin Thurston, SVP Connected Fitness at Under Armour.

"By applying these shared values to our collaboration, we will allow athletes everywhere to take their performance to the next level in a more connected and intuitive way than ever before." 

There's no confirmation of what these new HTC-UA connected products will be, but it's a hint that UA Record will be integrated into future HTC smartphones and that any future HTC smartwatch or wearable could have a strong leaning towards fitness.

"We want our products to meet the needs of every individual - whether you're training for a personal best in your next half marathon, or a professional athlete honing your performance with a full training staff behind you," said Peter Chou, CEO of HTC. 

"So far, no company has been able to deliver this level of support and we feel we have a tremendous opportunity to disrupt and accelerate the development of this market."

HTC has recently been looking in new directions for product expansion, with the HTC Re camera being one example. Not only has HTC just announced revenue gain for the first time since 2011, but it looks like it's exploring lots of new avenues to get the company back into shape.

Writing by Chris Hall.