Garmin has launched the Edge 705 and Edge 605 – the latest in the line of integrated personal training systems for recreational and advanced cyclists.

The Edge 705 and Edge 605 provide mapping capabilities, street navigation and a 2.2-inch colour display in addition to tracking vertical profiles, climb and descent, altitude, speed, distance, and time.

The Edge 705 offers SRM compatibility and wireless unit-to-unit connectivity. Through collaborative efforts with SRM — a pioneer in mobile power diagnostics for bicycles — Garmin for the first time gives cyclists the opportunity to monitor GPS position, power, heart rate, speed, cadence, altitude and gradient on the same display.

And Edge 705 users will be able to share their information – including courses, waypoints and workouts – with each other through ANT+Sport wireless technology.

ANT+Sport technology allows the Edge to interface wirelessly with a heart rate monitor, cadence sensor or other Edge units. Cyclists can share courses and workout data before, during or after a ride. When paired with an optional power meter from SRM, the Edge 705 measures power – torque and cadence for each leg at the pedals – which is often cited as a true indicator of an efficient ride.

Both units come with turn-by-turn routing to destinations based on built-in maps and optional detailed street or topographical maps on preloaded data cards.

Altitude is recorded using a barometric altimeter for the Edge 705. This accurate altitude data makes it much easier for cyclists to match their altitude profile with their speed, cadence, and heart rate during post-ride analysis. The Edge 605 measures altitude through GPS positioning.

The Edge 605 and the Edge 705 display the customizable data fields on large colour screens, and the addition of a click stick helps users navigate through the various options. Sleek, waterproof and durable, the Edge uses a GPS receiver to sustain reception in the most challenging conditions, such as heavy tree cover or urban canyons created by tall buildings. It attaches to either the stem or handlebars of the bicycle, and is designed for easy removal at the end of the workout.

The Edge 705 heart rate monitor uses a robust wireless technology that eliminates cross-talk and interference and delivers real-time heart rate data exclusively to the user’s device. This data is stored with each track point for in-depth post-workout analysis.

The Edge 705 with speed/cadence sensor incorporates a self-calibrating, wireless speed/cadence sensor that mounts to the rear chain stay of the bicycle. The speed/cadence sensor will also allow riders to record speed and distance data while turbo training indoors.

The Edge 705 will be available in December from £329, depending what's its bundled with. The Edge 605 is expected to be £269.99.