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(Pocket-lint) - Garmin's 900-series Forerunners are universally loved by runners all over the world, offering top tier performance and rich, running-relevant data for those who are seriously into their training and racing. 

The current model - the Forerunner 945 - was launched just over two years ago and it appears it's about to be replaced very shortly. Not for the first time, a retailer has published a holding page for the Forerunner 955, virtually confirming that it is in the works. 

This time the retailer in question is a Sweden-based retailer called RunningShop.se, which published pages for both the Forerunner 955 and a Forerunner 955 Solar edition. 

Both pages have since been taken offline, and return a 404 error message, but NotebookCheck.net managed a screenshot of both pages before they were taken down. 

Sadly, neither of the pages actually included images of the watch, so what they end up looking like is anyone's guess, but we wouldn't expect a major departure from its existing five-button system. 

Thanks to this leak, and the previous one, we at least know that the watch will be available with LTE connectivity, and that there will be a Solar edition this year. So if what you care about most is battery life, the Solar model could give you a boost, particularly if you spend a lot of your running miles outdoors in the summer. 

While there's no pricing mentioned, we would expect the 955 to be cheap. However, it's unlikely to be as expensive as the flagship multisport Fenix 7 or the new Epix. 

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