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(Pocket-lint) - A bunch of images has been leaked showing a whole new lineup of Garmin fitness watches, and they don't include the Fenix 6 range that was outed on Amazon previously. 

In this lineup - published by WinFuture - there's a refresh for the affordable Vivoactive and Vivomove ranges, but more exciting is the inclusion of an all-new watch called the Garmin Venu. 

While it's not immediately clear why Garmin might need yet another model range in its lineup, looking closely at the render seems to suggest that this isn't technically like its siblings. 

While it still looks like a stylish - albeit it quite plain - watch, the graphics shown on the render display look more advanced than what we've seen on any Garmin watch to date. 

WinFutureSix new Garmin watches have leaked showing an entire new lineup image 3

The purple, blue and teal clouds in the watch face, along with the highlighting behind the sports in the activity tracking menu, show a degree of gradient and colour blending that isn't on any of the others. It's not just solid colours and simple shapes. It's more like the fluid wallpapers we see on Apple's watches. 

Regardless (and this is purely speculative) but it might just be pointing towards a more advanced screen. It's got our interest, that's for sure. 

Along with this all-new Venu watch, there's the Vivoactive 4 and Vivoactive 4s, the two models which will presumably be replacing the multi-sport, mid-range Vivoactive 3

Looking at the images, it appears that Garmin is refining and slimming down the design of the Vivoactive, to make it more stylish, and a little less plain looking.

WinFutureSix new Garmin watches have leaked showing an entire new lineup image 2

There are two buttons built into the side, rather than just one, and the metal edges around the screen feature a more prominent chamfer. It also looks like the touch sensitive strip on the side has been removed. 

As for the Vivomove range, that seems to be getting three new additions: Vivomove Style, Vivomove 3s and Vivomove 3 Sport. Each of them feature an analogue watch face, with smaller LCD displays embedded, similar in idea to the Withings Steel watches. 

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It's been speculated that all of these new watches will be shown off at IFA in Berlin at the beginning of September, with a launch a little while after. None of them have been confirmed by Garmin officially, but we'll keep you up to date as and when the manufacturer announces them for real. 

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Writing by Cam Bunton. Originally published on 15 August 2019.