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(Pocket-lint) - To celebrate its 30th birthday, Garmin decided to 'Marq' the occasion with a series of special watches - and we got the see the range at CES Asia 2019.

The Garmin Marq comes in five distinct themes - Athlete, Expedition, Captain, Aviator and Driver - and you can think of them as elite versions of the Fenix 5S but with added special features for specific high-end activities. 

Each of the 46mm diameter watches features a titanium case, Sapphire crystal glass face, built-in heart-rate tracking, proprietary pulse ox2 sensor (to measure blood oxygen), GPS, a long-lasting battery, always-on display, music storage and Garmin Pay compatibility for contactless payments.

Here's a mini gallery of the main four and what they have to offer. If you can afford one, of course, as the Marq range starts at £1,400 ($1,500) for the Athlete and finishes at £2,250 ($2,500) for the Driver (we've put them in price order below because we're kind like that).

Garmin Marq Athlete

Think of this one as akin to a Garmin Fenix 5 but with a titanium case (a feature of every Marq watch). It's designed with sports in mind, featuring both recovery time and VO2 max scales on the bezel itself. The strap is rubberised, so doesn't look as fancy as the others, but then you'll be sweating buckets into it, so that makes sense.

It's priced £1,400 ($1,500), so you might already need to be a track star to casually buy one.

Garmin Marq Expedition

Designed to be the long-laster, the Expedition uses the Garmin app to save battery power to go on and on - up to four days with GPS running, according to a Garmin spokesperson at CES Asia. Other expedition-focused features include a compass, topographical maps, and ClimbPro - software that provides real-time information for current and upcoming climbs, such as gradient, distance and elevation gain.

The raw titanium bezel is even etched with compass markings, while the strap is Italian vacchetta. Rugged and fancy. That strap makes all the difference, though, helping that titanium case to really jump out.

Priced at £1600 ($1,750), so this is one watch you won't want to lose down a mountain cravasse.

Garmin Marq Captain

For the seafarer, the Captain follows a nautical theme, displaying weather conditions, wind speed and shifts, temperature and tide information (as sourced from the web) to give you a heads-up for how that day out sailing is likely to be.

The bezel here is ceramic and features "a regatta timer that adds GPS technology to make precision starts virtually automatic", says Garmin. We did not know a five minute countdown was a sailing thing, but for those in the know that'll be a nice special feature.

This is our favourite watch of the five. Not because we're a captain, or would want to be, simply because that blue colour looks great. The strap is a "unique tricolor jacquard-weave nylon" too, adding to the overall theme.

It's waterproof too, including the strap, but you probably guessed that already.

It's priced £1700 ($1,850). We hope it comes in a small treasure chest box (it doesn't).

Garmin Marq Aviator

If you're all about that titanium then the matching link strap found on the Aviator ought to appeal. It's the weightiest of the lot, unsurprisingly, delivering that classic watch appeal.

The Aviator includes aviation maps, Garmin cockpit integration and other in-flight specific features, including vertical speed for those fighter-jet take-offs that you'll no doubt be doing frequently. You Tom Cruise-a-like, you.

It's priced £1,800 ($1,950) - but we think that all titanium finish gives it the priciest look of the lot.

Garmin Marq Driver

What you're looking at here isn't quite representative of the final version, because Garmin didn't have the proper strap available. As the most expensive of the lot, you don't get the same rubberised one as on the Athlete, instead a hybrid titanium bracelet with red silicone links is designed to "stay cool and comfortable". Shame we didn't get to see that.

Anyway, as you will have guessed the Marq Driver is designed for the car enthusiast and/or racing driver. Not only does it feature a unique animated face with three clock hands, it also houses famous racetrack maps - so select one and it'll be displayed on the watch face, while wrist-based lap times will automatically track and record laps if you're out on that circuit. 

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It's priced £2,250 ($2,500). Which is probably less than it sounds if you already have three race-worthy Ferraris.

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Writing by Mike Lowe. Originally published on 12 June 2019.