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(Pocket-lint) - Garmin has introduced a new premium version of the Fenix sportswatch. Based on the Fenix 3, the new Fenix Chronos packs in all the navigational and sporting nouse of the original, but places it in a high-quality design, at home in the wilds of the outback, or roughing it in the boardroom.

There are three major options, with a titanium band and body at the top level, along with a price of £1099. This model sits alongside an 316L stainless steel body option, which can be taken with either a metal band (£949) or a leather strap (£848).

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Each of the Chronos models comes in a lovely wooden display box and there's a second rubber strap in the box too. Straps can be quickly removed using the tab on the underside, meaning you can transform the Chronos from a smart watch you wear with your suit, into a sporty watch when you're running up hills.

The Fenix Chronos is built to last, with waterproofing to 100m and a sapphire display to avoid scratches. The titanium model is very light, but has a lovely brushed finish to it.

There's an optical heart rate sensor built into the back of the watch, which is packed with sensors, giving you GPS tracking, a barometer, altimeter and compass, allowing you to track your activities no matter where they take you.

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To help you stay connected, the Fenix Chronos offers Connect IQ, Garmin's system that will let you install apps and make other customisations to your device for a more personalised result.

The Garmin Fenix Chronos is something of an oddity, a crossover device that takes the £395 sportswatch and wraps it in a more premium finish, a watch that can be worn any time, any place, and still look good.

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We can't help loving it though. The final result - whichever Chronos model you pick - is wonderful, again proving that adding a premium sheen to a smart sports watch is well worth the effort.

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Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 26 August 2016.