(Pocket-lint) - Strava has shot to fame in the world of cycling and running. Now it's made friends with Garmin to add another layer of awesome to the hardware company's cycling kit.

Strava Live Segments will feature on the Garmin Edge 520, making it the first to receive them. They are, essentially, records of other people's efforts on the same stretch of route the rider is on.

In the case of the Garmin Edge 520 cyclists will be able to see their own records on certain segments of a riding route, or compare themselves to others. Unlike current offering this should be a totally seamless experience.

The Garmin device will offer a countdown as the rider approaches the start of a segment. Once started, live data will be displayed as if the other rider is really there. So the person competing can chase or stay ahead of the virtual partner by tracking them on-screen. There will even be top times for the king of queen of the mountain.

While Strava Live Segments will debut on the Garmin Edge 520 it will also be coming to the Edge 1000, 810 and 510 following a firmware update from September.

To get the Strava Live Segments users will need to have Strava Premium membership which is £4 per month or £40 per year.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.