(Pocket-lint) - Nike has announced that its Nike+ Running App will work with more devices to make tracking workouts, in one place, much easier.

The Nike+ Running App will work with various brands of hardware including Garmin, TomTom, Wahoo Fitness and Netpulse.

The idea is that people who enjoy being part of the Nike running community aren't limited when it comes to their choice of device.


This move follows the launch of the Under Armour UA Record app which allows third parties to connect thanks to its open API platform. So for a Garmin owner they simply let their watch upload a run to Garmin Connect and the UA Record app will pull that into there also – once the Garmin login has been added one time.

Nike will use a "Partner" screen where you can log into the apps associated with other hardware, like Garmin Connect. Then when you've sycned your Garmin after a run that will also be pulled into the Nike+ Running App. 


Nike+ Running will also work with various other sensors, directly into your smartphone.

Wahoo Fitness make sensors like heart rate monitors which should be able to connect to the Nike+ Running App on a smartphone. Netpulse enables gym machines to connect to apps allowing indoor workouts to also be pulled into the Nike+ Running App.

The Nike+ Running App update will be rolled out on Monday 9 March.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.