Garmin has announced an updated satnav, now integrating Foursquare venues.

The new Garmin Nuvi advanced series will come in 5, 6 and a whopping 7 inches, with the aim of guiding you not just along the roads, but all the way to your final destination.

Foursquare venue integration means that you'll be able to view things like ratings on restaurants and help you find something nice or something new.

"With larger, multi-touch glass displays, the addition of Foursquare venues and Direct Access, the new Nuvi Advanced Series offers an unparalleled navigation experience on the road," said Dan Bartel, VP of worldwide sales at Garmin.

"This new Nuvi line combines the benefits of a standalone navigator, such as large displays, preloaded maps and premium navigation features, with crowd-sourced data from Foursquare to help drivers explore new places."

In addition to Foursquare, the Advanced Series also has that new feature called Direct Access. This is designed to help you find addresses in complex locations, like inside shopping malls.

Your Garmin will then navigate you to the nearest entrance, before telling you where the store you're looking for is. If nothing else, it should save you from parking on the wrong side of the car park.

Aside from these new venue features, you'll get what you expect from Garmin. There's detailed pre-loaded maps, with lane guidance, as well as directions that use prominent natural features to help guide you.

The new devices come with a glass touchscreen on the front and will range in price from $199-349. There's no word on UK pricing or availability.