Garmin has expanded its sports fitness watch range with the Garmin Swim, the company's first timepiece and motion tracker specifically designed for swimmers.

It tracks stroke type, stroke count, distance, pace, lengths and more and, once hooked up to a PC after a swim - wirelessly, thanks to the manufacturer's own ANT+ technology and an included USB dongle - it can display in-depth information and graphs using Garmin Connect, a dedicated website for free online analysis. This can also be activated to be performed instantly whenever the watch is within range.

The Garmin Swim is ready to go straight from the box. All a swimmer needs to do before diving in is to tell the device the length of the pool and away they go. The watch will also log drills and time sets if needed. And there's a dual time zones and alarm mode for those who compete and train around the world.

Costing £129.99 and available now, the Garmin Switch fitness watch comes with a battery that is said to last a year and is easy to replace when needed. To find out more, visit the company's own dedicated microsite at