If you're not a good enough golfer, or you're not rich enough, to warrant taking a caddy around with you when you're playing 18 holes, but could do with a bit of assistance on the fairways (or the rough in Pocket-lint's case) then the Garmin Approach S1 watch could be just what you need.

This GPS equipped wristwatch is pre-loaded with almost 5000 courses throughout Europe, and the data is provided without the need for a subscription.

When you're about to tee-off, simply set the watch to golf mode and select the course that you're playing - it will give you the matches in your vicinity.

Then, you're given hole info, including the par as well as the distance to the green (front, middle and back).  It can also measure your shot distances and measure how far you've walked on your round using the built-in odometer.

Rugged and waterproof, you'll get about 8 hours of battery in GPS mode with the re-chargeable lithium-ion battery.

“With the Approach S1 golf GPS watch, Garmin has once again created an entirely new category for fitness and outdoor recreation”, said Clive Taylor, director of product and marketing at Garmin.

“Golfers who want their data and their device as streamlined as possible will find Approach S1 a sleek and simple hands-free solution to taking the guesswork out of their game”.

The RRP for the Garmin Approach S1 is £179 - but think of all that money you'll save by not smashing your golf bag and buggy up after misreading an approach to the green.

Come on, it can't be just Pocket-lint who does that?