Garmin has unveiled its latest cycling computer - the Garmin Edge 800.

The Edge 800 takes the design elements of the Edge 500, but adds a 2.6-inch colour touchscreen into the equation.

Using the free Garmin BaseCamp software you are able to create, preview and download routes for you to pedal, as well as sharing or tapping into existing routes - including those of pro-cyclists Team Garmin, via the Garmin Connect platform.

Using the microSD slot and existing City Navigator or TOPO software, you are also able to add turn-by-turn instructions or a 1:24,000 topographical representation. You can also sync up your BirdsEye Satellite Imagery account to the Edge 800, giving you a true picture of what's around you as you cycle.

The Edge 800 tracks your speed, distance and time as well as your co-ordinates and your elevation. There's also calorie-burning options as well as details regarding your route's climbs and descents.

You can also hook your Edge 800 up to additional power meters and heart-rate monitors and get more accurate data using a barometric altimeter to pinpoint changes in elevation.

“Whether you’re on the road, in the mountains or around the city, Garmin’s touchscreen Edge 800 puts the most important information of your ride at your fingertips”, said Dan Bartel, Garmin’s vice president of worldwide sales.

“Thanks to its simple mounting system, improved mapping and route-planning capabilities, and the GPS-based features that make wires and calibration obsolete, we can easily say that one Edge fits all”.

The Garmin Edge 800 will cost $449 for the basic version, and up to $649 if you want to include a soft-strap heart rate monitor, speed/cadence sensor, and City Navigator or TOPO mapping on a microSD.