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(Pocket-lint) - Fitbit has started rolling out a new feature to its fitness trackers, which will allow specific Fitbit models to detect when you have an irregular heart beat and then notify you of the fact. 

It's a feature Apple Watch users have enjoyed for a few years now, with a number of stories claiming that this feature alone helped detect health issues early and give them the time to sort it out before it became more serious. 

The only downside of this feature - for now - is that it's only rolling out to customers in the US for the time being. Fitbit's dedicated irregular rhythm page on its website notes as such in the fine print, and the company also confirmed that this was the case when speaking to 9to5Google. 

Users in the US can set up the feature from now through the Fitbit app, and you'll find it either within the 'Today' page or in the 'Discover' tab. 

Once set up, Fitbit states that the device collect heart rhythm data while the wearer is still or sleeping, and will notify you if there are signs of irregular heart rhythm. 

The feature isn't available on every single Fitbit, but it is being added to most recent models. Those included are the following: 

So if you have one of those models, and live in the US, you can check your Fitbit app today for the new feature. There's no news on if or when the feature will rollout to other regions. 

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