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(Pocket-lint) - The Fitbit Charge 5 is going to be equipped with a suite of impressive fitness and wellness tracking sensors and capabilities, if a leaked video is to be believed. 

With leaks recently having revealed what the new fitness tracker will look like, the promo video - which appears to be an official ad leaked in advance of the official announcement - highlights a number of key features. 

The video was embedded in a tweet and shared by @_snoopytech_ and can be seen in full below: 

In it we see the design that was leaked previously, complete with the colour display and the soft, matte finished silicone band loop. 

One of the highlited features in the video is the Daily Readiness Score, which can tell you when your body is in good condition and when it needs rest. 

It does this based on activity, sleep and heart rate. Plus, it's equipped with a load of other sensors to make a well-rounded fitness and activity tracker. 

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There's built-in GPS for route tracking, a heart-rate sensor and ECG, plus an on-wrist EDA sensor which measures electrical changes on your skin for stress detection. Like most modern fitness wearables, it also has SpO2 tracking. 

In a follow up tweet, the leaker claims it will be waterproof to 50 metres and last up to 7 days on a full battery before needing a recharge. 

We don't know when the Charge 5 will be officially announced, but the embedded tweet says it'll be available for $179 in the US when it is launched. 

Given how polished the press renders are, and that we now have what looks like a final promo video, we can't imagine we'll have to wait very long to get the officially announcement from Fitbit. 

Writing by Cam Bunton. Originally published on 23 August 2021.