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(Pocket-lint) - It looks like a new Fitbit device is coming down the pike, according to a leaked promotional video shared by Roland Quandt.

It shows the new Fitbit Charge 4 and that it features GPS - something the last model lacked. It will allow users to track runs, cycling trips, and more, but without having to connect to a phone. Translations of the video also indicate the fitness tracker will offer new fitness features, like the ability to see training intensity on a map and how long users spend in so-called “Pulse Zones".

It should have NFC for Fitbit Pay payments, too, which Fitbit had previously reserved for more premium “special edition” models of its Charge fitness trackers. Other than that, the Fitbit Charge 4 should be like the Fitbit Charge 3: Users can track swims, sleep, and exercises, get basic notifications from a phone and control music off a phone, set timers and alarms, and track sleep patterns.

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It's also water resistant to 50 metres. There's been no indication it'll have Google features, even though Fitbit is now owned by Google.

A separate leak from WinFuture suggested the Fitbit Charge 4 will cost €149, while a Fitbit Charge 4 SE model with more bands in the box will go for €169. If we had to guess, the two models will likely cost $149 and $169 in the US. 

With the frequency and scale of these Charge 4 leaks in recent days, we suspect Fitbit might announce it sooner rather than later.

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Writing by Maggie Tillman. Originally published on 27 March 2020.