Fitbit typically releases a couple of devices a year, with one towards the end of the year and one at the beginning. That means, if tradition is anything to go by, we are due a new activity tracker.

The Fitbit Versa 2 has appeared in rumours, suggesting this will be the next device from the company but what might it feature? Here is everything we know so far.

Release date and price

  • Possibly March
  • Around £200 likely

The Fitbit Versa was announced in March 2018, hitting shelves in April 2018. We're therefore not expecting to see its successor until March 2019, especially as Fitbit doesn't always follow yearly update cycles. The Alta HR is overdue an update, for example.

The Fitbit Versa went on sale for £199. We'd like to see the Fitbit Versa 2 stay at around the same price when it arrives.

Fitbit Versa 2 design and display

  • Similar design to predecessor 
  • New colours expected 
  • Waterproofing

Based on some leaked renders, it looks like the Fitbit Versa 2 will stick to a very similar design as its predecessor. Some new colours might appear - rumours suggest Rose Pink, Purple and Cyan Blue will be among them - but otherwise, the design looks much the same.

We can therefore expect a square aluminium casing with rounded corners and a coloured touchscreen. We expect Fitbit might make the Versa 2 lighter than its predecessor though, as it did with the Charge 3 compared to the Charge 2.

TechnoBuffaloLede image 1

On the underside of the aluminium casing, it looks like there will be a charging connector and an optical heart rate sensor as on the current Versa. It also looks like the Versa 2 will be waterproof up to 50-metres as the original model is.  

Based on the renders, the Versa 2 will have interchangeable straps like the current model, with a quick release pin system offering easy switching. It could be that Fitbit opts for the same mechanism as the Charge 3 though, which would see a small button on the strap to release it instead.

Features and hardware

  • Bulit-in GPS?
  • Slimmer charging?
  • Better battery?

TechnoBuffalo claims it isn't expecting major improvements over the original Versa for the new model but this might just refer to the design. We would certainly expect at least the same features, as well as a few extras even if the design doesn't change.

It's therefore likely the Versa 2 will come with features including the ability to store music, automatic exercise recognition, swim tracking, cardio fitness level, guided breathing sessions, female health tracking, sleep tracking and Fitbit's personalised reminders, like the Charge 3 and the current Versa does.

Smartphone notifications will also no doubt be on board the Versa 2, along with customisable clock faces, some third party app support and on-screen workouts. The current Versa also has NFC for Fitbit Pay so we'd expect the Versa 2 to offer the same. 

Only Connected GPS is available on the current Versa so we'd like to see built-in GPS for the Versa 2, putting it in line with the Fitbit Ionic

We'd also like to see an improvement in battery life, as the Charge 3 accomplished. It would also be great to see Fitbit switch to USB Type-C for less bulky charging but the renders suggest this won't happen for the Versa 2.

Versa 2 software

  • Fitbit platform 
  • New software features likely

The Fitbit Versa 2 will of course link to the Fitbit app and ecosystem, which is one of the best systems out there in the activity tracking field. 

It offers a simple to use interface with a great breakdown of data, along with several excellent features. We'd expect the Versa 2 to bring with it a few more software features, as is typically the case when Fitbit launches a new device. We'd also hope to see some more third party app support.

While nothing is official as yet, we expect more rumours to appear surrounding the Fitbit Versa 2 over the next few weeks so keep checking back.