(Pocket-lint) - It looks like Fitbit is possibly working on its next device. But, what is it? A new smartwatch or a fitness tracker?

Courtesy of a filing with the FCC, as spotted by Zatznotfunny, we now know that Fitbit has made two new devices that have passed through the FCC. While there’s not much in the documentation, including no details about specs or features, we can still glean some information and speculate about where the company might be headed with its technology in the coming year.


The main piece of information we have on the new devices is that they're described as a “wireless activity tracker” in the filing, which means that they could be anything from a revamped version of an existing device or something entirely new. However, due to the narrow “e-label” screens, which look a lot like a Fitbit Alta's screen, we're thinking these are the Fitbit Alta 2 or Alta HR 2. 

Let's not forget the Fitbit Alta was on sale quite a bit this holiday season, suggesting it's about to become old news. Fitbit's FCC filing also had a confidentiality request, which means Fitbit likely submitted external photos, test setup photos, and a user manual. That means there’s a chance we'll see more information about these devices surface in the near future.

That’s all we have for now, but our imaginations are running wild with the possibilities.

Writing by Maggie Tillman.