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(Pocket-lint) - Fitbit, a maker of popular activity trackers and the Ionic smartwatch, has introduced a number of new products, as well as revealed it will add women's health-tracking features to its platform.

The company unveiled the Fitbit Versa sports watch, the Fitbit Ace band for kids, and Fitbit OS 2.0. But perhaps the most interesting new announcement concerns its focus on women's health. It said cycle tracking is continually among the top five requested features by users and that 24 per cent of women currently use an app to track their cycle. So, it plans to add women's health-tracking tools to the Fitbit app.

The Fibit cycle tracker will monitor the days of a user's cycle, estimate her fertile window, and monitor other aspects of a woman's reproductive health. In one screenshot from the app, we can see that women are able to input their data on a granular basis. They can score metrics like bleeding, cramps, headache, tender breasts, and acne, all of which can be viewed in the Fitbit app for iOS or Android.

These tools will come to the company's new smartwatch lineup, too. Keep in mind Fitbit also announced earlier this month that it teamed with a popular women's health app, Clue, in order to give women a new way to track their personal health. The two companies collaborated to bring the Clue app to the Fitbit Ionic watch for the first time, allowing women to track their cycles and overall reproductive health.

Initially released in the App Store and Google Play in 2013, Clue now boasts more than five million users. Fitbit clearly sees this as a huge growth opportunity, and as a result, it plans to launch its own women's health features alongside Fitbit OS 2.0 sometime this spring.

Both upgrades will be available free of charge.

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Writing by Elyse Betters. Originally published on 13 March 2018.