Fitbit's second attempt at a smartwatch - the Fitbit Ionic - had a Black Friday deal price of £249 - and that price has stayed now that the sales are over.

That might bring this smart fitness watch a bit closer to your budget, a saving of £50 over the normal £299 asking price.

The Fitbit Ionic takes Fitbit's spin on the fitness tracker a step closer to smartwatch rivals, equipping its watch with a lusciously detailed display that's full of colour and vibrancy.

It supports a full range of sports, like running, swimming and cycling, while also tracking your steps and sleep and all packaged up in that hugely approachable Fitbit style.

As a smartwatch it offers notifications from your phone and is one of the few devices that will also offer payments from your watch - as long as your bank supports it of course.

We're not sure how long this deal will be live, or if other retailers will be following suit, but it looks like the Fitbit deal too good to miss!