(Pocket-lint) - A new high-quality leak has shown off the unreleased Fitbit Charge 2 and Fitbit Flex 2. The images were published by TechnoBuffalo, and show the upcoming wearables in superb detail. 

The most interesting of the two new fitness-focused wearables is the Charge 2, which looks to bridge the gap between the original Charge and the more high-end Surge. Both of which will presumably be discontinued now that we have the Alta and the Blaze as well. 

While the last version of the Charge has a simple, small display to show the time and some other basic information, the Charge 2 has a much larger display. The leaked information suggests that this display will be used to show smartphone notifications, as well as the time and heart rate information. 

It also seems as though Fitbit will only release one version of the Charge 2. Rather than have a regular version and an "HR" version, the Charge 2 will come equipped with a heart-rate monitor as standard. 

The Charge 2 is also set to feature interchangeable bands, meaning you'll be able to swap out the strap for a different look whenever it suits you. 

Apart from that, it's the regular Fitbit design language, with a flexible strap made from a textured rubber-like material. In a lot of ways, it just looks like a bigger version of the Alta.

As is standard for fitness trackers, it'll monitor your sleep and can track multiple different sports. 


As for the Flex 2, that's a much simpler device which will undoubtedly cost less. Like the Charge 2, it'll track activity and sleep but is also swim proof, so you should be able to take it for a few laps around your local pool. 

Rather than have a display like the Charge 2, the Flex 2 will use a series of five LEDs to show your progress. 

Interestingly, there's also mention of interchangeable accessories. This suggests that various third party manufacturers and designers will be able to create bespoke wrist bands and necklaces for the Flex 2, just like the current Flex. 

There's no word on when the new Fitbits will be introduced yet, but the "NOV 27" onscreen could be hinting at a release just in time for last minute holiday gift buying. 


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Writing by Cam Bunton.