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(Pocket-lint) - From now on, whenever you go into a Target in the US, you might notice the company's employees are all wearing the same activity tracker. That's because Target has just teamed up with Fitbit.

Fitbit makes a variety of activity trackers for consumers, though it also has several partnerships with large companies and corporations, including Bank of America, Time Warner, and BP. And now Fitbit can add Target to its clientele roster, because the retail giant plans to soon dole out Fitbit devices to its 335,000 employees across the US.

Target will offer them the $60 Zip, Fitbit's most basic clip-on tracker. In an interview with Bloomberg, James Park, the CEO of Fitbit, admitted the Target deal is one of Fitbit’s largest corporate accounts yet. These account generate less than 10 per cent of Fitbit’s revenue but are among the fastest-growing parts of the device maker's business.

As part of the deal, Target will have access to an information dashboard, in which the employer can see workers' activity data, such as the amount of steps taken in a day, though workers must opt-in first. Target can then take advantage of that data in order to organise competitions and incentives that'll encourage workers to become more active.

If Target employees want a more expensive Fitbit activity tracker, they can go ahead splurge on the upgrade, and then Target has promised it will subsidise the cost, according to Bloomberg. Workers can then opt into Fitbit’s corporate wellness program, which will see them split into teams and enrolled in a month-long competition.

The winning team must choose a charity to receive a donation of $1 million. For Target, this deal will strengthen the retailer’s image as a wellness company, while Fitbit gets to increase its footprint and bottom dollar.

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Writing by Elyse Betters. Originally published on 18 September 2015.