(Pocket-lint) - The Fitbit Surge, the sports tracking company's latest hardware, has leaked onto an online store with specs that could set it above all others.

Unlike previous Fitbit activity trackers, which relied heavily on step counting, the Surge appears to feature a GPS tracker meaning it will be a proper sports watch without the need for a mobile nearby. GPS will mean it should be able to track your movements very accurately for readouts like speed, pace, elevation, distance and more. Of course this is at the detriment of battery life.

The Fitbit Surge also features a heart rate monitor built into the watch for accurate stats. There also appears to be eight sensors to track further metrics like calories, floors climbed, steps taken and more. It'll also connect to a smartphone allowing you to receive a call or text notification at a glance, it should also be able to control music playing on the phone.

The display is a touchscreen that appears to use a monochrome low-power LCD. The watch will be able to track running, cycling, strength training and even sleep patterns. How long the battery life hasn't been made clear.

The Fitbit Surge is water resistant, works with Android and iPhone and can be paired with NFC. It's currently on the Brookstore for $250 which is about £155.

fitbit surge leaks early with built in gps heart rate sensor and more image 2

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Writing by Luke Edwards.