(Pocket-lint) - Fitbit is getting ready to launch two new fitness trackers, it seems.

According to Gizmodo, which received some marketing materials that revealed the fitness trackers, Fitbit is about to launch two models that are basically a newer version of its failed Force device. (It caused adversed skin reactions and was ultimately pulled.) One of the models is called Fitbit Charge, and it can do everything the Force did, but presumably without any of the skin reaction stuff.

The Charge can track your steps, distance traveled, burned calories, sleep quality, plus it offers a few smartphone-connected features like caller ID. It will even display the time, meaning the Charge technically doubles as a smartwatch. As for the second model from Fitbit, called Charge HR, it's the same as the regular Charge but with 24/7 heart-rate monitoring through a new "PurePulse" system.

Keep in mind Fitbit already confirmed it won't support Apple's Health app that released alongside iOS 8 in September, so your heart-rate activity will likely be stored in Fitbit's app. That said, Fitbit's other trackers do work with apps like MyFitnessPal as well as integrate with Withings, Runkeeper, MapMyRun, Endomondo - all of which offer support for HealthKit.

Check out the gallery below to see Fitbit's leaked marketing materials. Fitbit has yet to announce the Charge or Charge HR, but we've contacted the company for a comment.

Writing by Elyse Betters.