(Pocket-lint) - Just when you thought fitness trackers had nothing left to track, Bondara has unleashed the SexFit that straps to your bits and measures your performance between the sheets.

SexFit slips onto a gent's best friend much like a "cock ring". But rather than simply vibrating and offer constriction for better performance and enjoyment, it also measures the event. But it's more than just a spectator, it can help too.

Using a row of LED lights the wearer can not only feel like a cyborg but can also see a rhythm to stick to. Once the perfect rhythm is achieved the lights will illuminate to signal that steady pace is ideal for stimulation on both sides. Though how that works with personal tastes isn't clear.

Then, you guessed it, users can get a readout of the event on their phones. No more falling asleep afterwards, the perfect performance can be seen with times, calories burned and even thrusts per minute. And, of course, users can share it through social media. And we thought running updates on Facebook were annoying.

The Bondara SexFit is in developmental stages still and should become available from spring 2015. Pricing will be announced nearer to the time of release.

Writing by Luke Edwards.