(Pocket-lint) - Motion-sensing tech company Movea, wristband design firm Xm-Squared, and Bluetooth low rnergy-leader Texas Instruments are at the 2014 CES tradeshow in Las Vegas, where they have jointly demonstrated the G-series high-performance multisport wristband.

The G-series - dubbed the "world’s most accurate and energy efficient multisport wristband"-  looks like a cross between the Fitbit display and Nike+ FuelBand. It features activity-tracking capabilities such as advanced sports and sleep monitoring, posture detection when standing and walking, step and distance counting, energy expenditure, running speed and cadency.

The wristband is available now as a reference design kit for developers. The kit provides the complete API, and, according to Movea, it "delivers OEMs an always-on, highly accurate, power-optimised and fully integrated solution to quickly launch the next generation of devices for the exploding wearable market".

In fact, the wristband allegedly has sleep tracking capabilities that closely mirror the results found in hospital performance tests. The wristband only has an average error rate of under 1.7 per cent in step tracking, which is notable when you compare it to unnamed competitors which have error rate of 6.3 per cent or higher.

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That said, because the G-series is just a reference design, we'll have to wait until a manufacturer gives the device a chance. It could be a long while before a final product releases, even though the wearable market is exploding. CES 2014 has already served as a platform for many sports band launch events, so it's safe to say there's a palpable interest in the space.

In addition, Movea wants the G-series do more things than activity monitoring and sports analysis. The company hopes to one day deliver a complete monitoring user experience by adding "e-Health services" to reference platforms.

Writing by Elyse Betters.