Fitbit is allegedly ready to unveil a new version of its Flex tracking device, and it's called the Fitbit Force.

Although Fitbit hasn't unveiled the Force yet, The Verge and Engadget have spotted some promo material and detailed a few of the features. The Force, which looks mostly like a typical fitness tracker, will uniquely sport an altimeter. This is a handy tool for hikers, because it calculates altitude and the number of steps climbed.

Another interesting feature included is a digital watch, making the Force a kind of smartwatch for fitness lovers. It will help the Force to stand out among the sea of wearable tracking devices available in the market. There will also be a physical button, allowing users to click through settings, and the entire device might even be partially waterproof.

fitbit force promo images surface showing off tracker s digital watch and altimeter image 6

The Force will ship in both black and slate colours as well as small and large sizes. It'll apparently cost around $129.95 (£80). That's $30 more than the Fitbit Flex, though, as mentioned earlier, it comes with more features and functionality. Check out the gallery below for a closer look at the Fitbit Force.