Fresh from releasing an Android application to sync with its fitness trackers, Fitbit has now added Windows 8 to the platforms it supports with dedicated software.

The Fitbit Windows 8 app is now available on the Windows Store and can be used to analyse the data gleaned from a Fitbit One or Fitbit Zip wireless activity or sleep tracker.

The free download offers all manner of statistic and graph pages, presented in clean, Windows 8 style. It offers visual representations of your activity levels, sleep and weight charts and highlights health and fitness trends for future reference.

fitbit windows 8 app now available image 2

As it tracks your weight, body fat and BMI statistics over periods, you can see instantly how you are doing in each category. You can also rate your performance against your friends on a dedicated page.

Fitbit claims that, with iOS, Android and now Windows 8 applications, its wireless fitness trackers are the most widely compatible in the market.

You can download the Windows 8 application from Windows Store now.