Fitbit has announced the launch of two new tracking gadgets - the Fitbit One and the Fitbit Zip - as it continues to put up a fight against the Nike+ Fuel band.

The Fitbit One is a small black tube that counts your daily step total, calories burnt, distance travelled and steps climbed, in the same way as the Fitbit Ultra.

You'll be able to view the stats on the device's small OLED screen, or via an app on your iPhone or Android smartphone via Bluetooth.

The Fitbit One also comes with a vibration alarm allowing it to double up as an alarm clock, especially if you opt to wear it to track your sleep. Intense, we know.

As for the Fitbit Zip, it is a more colourful, funkier, approach to tracking all your movements and ditches the need to track just how many stairs you took - the lift is your friend remember.

In the UK the Fitbit One will cost £80 and the Fitbit Zip £50.