Fitbit, the digital pedometer that lets you track your fitness by steps taken, or flights of stairs climbed, has launched an Android app for Google phone fans to be able to see how much exercise they are doing.

No longer just for iPhone fans, the new Fitbit Android app is free to download from the Google Play store and brings with it all the features found on the iPhone version.

Users will be able to use the new app to keep an eye on their exercise, as well as to log food and water intake.

Users can then track their fitness by logging into their Fitbit account and using the Fitbit Ultra wireless activity tracker. The app automatically syncs information from the personal web profile on Android users looking to ditch the computer altogether will be disappointed however - the new app won't allow you to track your performance out in the field in the same way that the more expensive Nike FuelBand does by connecting via Bluetooth.

A quick play with the app and, like the iPhone version, this is very much a complement app that fills the gaps where Fitbit can't deliver - i.e., tracking what you eat or what you drink.

However with the app in your pocket, remembering to note down what you've eaten for lunch should be considerably easier from now on. 

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