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(Pocket-lint) - A new set of wireless scales have been launched which allows you to share and upload information about your weight to the web, whilst also dishing out virtual motivational badges along the way.

Called the Fitbit Aria, it also measures your BMI and body fat percentage so you can have a clear idea of just how unfit you are.

Clearly you don't have to share all this information, but if you have a mind you can either decide to upload information to the Fitbit site; this will crunch your data, bringing up all manner of graphs and tools to help you reach your target.

Sharing info with Fitbit will also earn you virtual badges, meaning you'll have even more motivation to reach your target. Fitbit is obviously hoping to build up a bit of a community on its site, and so create an online version of Weight Watchers, which could well suit some.

The Fitbit can also sense who is using it so the whole family can get involved in the fitness drive, and as the unit is buttonless all settings need to be accessed through your computer.

Fitbit Aria comes in both black and white and should be available in April in the UK for around £99.

Writing by Ben Crompton. Originally published on 16 April 2013.