(Pocket-lint) - Amazon is reportedly developing a new Alexa-enabled device that looks for signs of sleep apnea via radar.

According to Business Insider, the sleep apnea tracker is a palm-sized device that can sit on a nightstand. It leverages millimeter-wave radar to sense your breathing and monitors for interruptions and signs of you possibly having a sleep apnea disorder. Amazon’s project is currently being developed under the codename Brahms - the German composer of Lullaby.

Amazon built up a team over the past year that's been working on the device. In its existing state, the tracker apparently looks like a “standing hexagonal pad connected to a metal wire base", Business Insider said. It's possible that, besides sleep apnea, Amazon could use its machine-learning and cloud technology to also track other sleeping disorders such as insomnia.

Keep in mind this is not Amazon's first foray into the health industry.

Last year, the company released the $99 Halo fitness tracker that scans your body and voice to help you improve your health. The company also recently launched a full-fledged prescription drug delivery service called Amazon Pharmacy.

Amazon has a history of adding Alexa to all sorts of devices, too, from rings to microwaves. Apparently, sleep trackers are next.

Writing by Maggie Tillman.