(Pocket-lint) - Adidas has teamed up with Google and EA to make a smart tracker that can slip into whatever pair football boots you're rocking in the five-a-side cage and monitor your progress. 

The system, called Adidas GMR, effectively gives you a couple of insoles to put into your boots, one with a rechargeable tracker clipped into it, and has you complete your normal runaround games as normal, while keeping track of your movement, be it sprints, shots taken and how hard they're hit, among others. 

You simply put the tag in the insole for your dominant foot, and place a dummy tag in the other sole for balance, then get playing. Because it's an insole, that also means that it's not limited to Adidas' boots. You could put in any piece of footwear, to keep track of how you're doing.

That's all done in a companion app for the system, which is where you'll handle pairing with the tag and hoovering in the data it's picked up after your session. The tag's battery should last for two or three full matches before you need to recharge it. 

Meanwhile, all of this can also feed into a separate loop of rewards tying in with FIFA Mobile's Ultimate Team mode. You'll be able to link your Adidas GMR app to your FIFA Mobile profile to unlock an event that will let you translate your real-world exertions into rewards in-game. Principally, it'll fuel an overall rating to give you friends and rivals a glimpse at how you're doing. 


Jacquard's back in business

Google's powering the tag in the Adidas GMR system, as showcased by the "Jacquard by Google" branding on its rear - we actually knew this partnership was in the words a few weeks ago when it was first teased

It's an interesting time for Google's wearable tech project, though. After a hefty time out in the cold without any updates, it's becoming clear that Google still has big plans in the area. It's no longer just a single Levi's jacket, after the launch of Yves Saint Laurent's connected Cit-E backpack late last year

Adidas GMR is available from Adidas online now, as well as in select stores, and costs £29.95 / €34.99 / $35 for the two insoles and one tracker. We're looking forward to getting our hands (and feet) on the system and trying it out soon. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.