(Pocket-lint) - Adidas has announced an addition to its wearables range that so far has been restricted to the miCoach Smart Run fitness watch.

The Adidas miCoach Fit Smart is slightly more than a fitness band, such as the Nike+ FuelBand, but keeps a tight focus on the amount of features it offers in comparison to the brand's last device. This is in order to keep the price down in comparison to the £300 ticket of the Smart Run watch.

Available in two colours, black and translucent white, and with an LED light array that displays information, it is designed for fitness training rather than lifestyle use and contains a heart rate monitor. It also rates calories burned, pace, distance and stride rate, so can be used on the road outdoors and in the gym.

Unlike many other activity trackers, the Fit Smart takes heart response data and then offers training guides to ensure the user trains at the right intensity in order to get the best results. In addition, it works across smartphone platforms, unlike certain rival devices, so can be used with the Android, iPhone and Windows Phone 8 miCoach apps.

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A key feature update to the miCoach Train & Run application will be pushed out in August to include weekly goals, which will link directly with the Fit Smart for heart rate based training and more.

The app will also allow users to customise wristband settings and access 100s of free training plans. The Fit Smart band itself stores up to 10 hours of workout data before needing to transfer them to the miCoach platform.

It will launch on 15 August in the UK, late August in the US, and will initially be available from Adidas.com and Adidas Sports Performance stores. From 1 September, it will be available from a wider selection of outlets. Suggested retail price is £179 ($199 in the States).

Writing by Rik Henderson.