(Pocket-lint) - Adidas has told Pocket-lint that it would be interested in developing apps for smartwatches if they take off, following the announcement of its own sports watch.

"We would be interested in developing watch apps in the future for other platforms," Simon Drabble, director of miCoach at Adidas, told Pocket-lint over the phone.

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The company that already makes apps for Android, iOS, and more recently Windows Phone says that although there are no plans currently, it is open to the idea if those platforms take off. But Drabble was keen to point out that the best sports watch experience is still likely to be on the dedicated miCoach watch that Adidas is launching in November.

"Our watch shows what is possible with all the right sensors," he added, hoping to win over runners keen to track their runs.

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The Adidas miCoach watch features a pulse monitor on the back of the watch that tracks your heart rate without you having to wear a band around your chest, and sports Wi-Fi so your runs can be automatically uploaded to the miCoach website the moment you step back through your front door.

As for aspirations to dominate the smartwatch market, Adidas is aware of its limitations with the phone, but believes that's a good thing, with Drabble explaining to us that this is about aiding runners not being a secondary screen for messages.

It's because runners have been put first that the watch acts and works like it does. Of course you'll still be able to wear it like a watch.

And those wanting a band, like Nike, get ready to be disappointed, Drabble says there are no plans for one.

Writing by Stuart Miles.