The list of wearables in the sports fitness space keeps growing. Adidas has taken the wraps off its a new fitness smartwatch during GigaOm's Mobilized conference in San Francisco, telling attendees it will be made available for $399 (£250) on 1 November. 

Adidas's take on the smartwatch/fitness band is aimed at runners, bringing GPS and a heart-rate sensor to the party. With a price tag of $399, it better have some cool features over Nike's new $149 FuelBand SE, and it sounds like that will be the case.

Adidas says its smartwatch will be able to track a user's pulse through their wrist, providing details about their workout with the help of motion sensors. Unlike other fitness bands, Adidas's take doesn't want to integrate solely with a mobile device over Bluetooth 4.0, instead the smartwatch's screen will dole out information on its own. A GPS will be found, tracking routes to measure your speed and distance. 

The Adidas smartwatch will provide personal training based off your heart rate, encouraging you to go harder or reach a further distance. If you have headphones, your "personal trainer" will even scream in your ears through audio, or if you prefer something more relaxing, it can stream your media.

Adidas is still leaving a lot of details out, which is frustrating because this looks like a pretty cool product. We're working to gain more information.