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(Pocket-lint) - Adidas has released Snapshot on the iTunes App Store for iPod touch and iPhone, an application that helps you record the speed, angle and flight time of a kick of a football.

You use your phone or iPod to record the kick or get a friend to record yours and the in-built technology will measure the speed the ball was travelling, its trajectory and the time it remains in the air. In addition, you can play back the shot in both real time and slow motion, and it even adds special effects to the footage.

The app is free and comes with a sample shot taken by Spurs star Gareth Bale. He manages to hit the ball at 78mph (125kph), with the flight of the ball judged to be 34 metres. The angle he hits it is listed as 10-degrees.

You can upload your own shots to Facebook, YouTube and Twitter so you can judge how well you can do against others around the world. All your kicks can be kept in the library section on your phone, so you can see progression and improve your game over time.

"We are very excited by the launch of Snapshot, a cutting-edge smartphone app which will help fans with the analysis and improvement of their own game," said Bob Kirk, senior development engineer for Adidas. "Some of our leading players have already enjoyed using the app and it keeps Adidas at the forefront of innovation and technology in football." 

Adidas Snapshot is available on the App Store now.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 26 July 2013.