(Pocket-lint) - Eric Liedtke, head of sport performance at Adidas, has told Pocket-lint that the company is looking into launching a sports watch or band that would help fitness fans not just to monitor their performance, but also to improve it.

"I hope we get to show you what we are working on, and you will see where we have come from," Liedtke candidly told Pocket-lint at the Adidas Boost launch.

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Giving away nothing concrete, or even a timeframe of when we might see a sports watch from the company, Liedtke told us that whatever Adidas does, it won't just be a case of wearing more stuff to monitor more of what you do.

"Can the band be more than a recorder? If we make a band, it needs to be different. It needs to be simple."

According to Liedtke, just having the data isn't enough because it's not contextualised. "The trouble with many apps is that there is too much data," he said.

Believing consumers will tire of knowing exactly how many steps they've done in a day, or how much they've slept compared to last week, Liedtke says the Adidas approach will be to make the data relevant.

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"We can monitor lots of things going on with the human body, but it's about keeping it simple," he reaffirmed a number of times in our chat, naming checking technology such as accelerometers and heart-rate monitors. 

Smart watches and sports bands have become the latest must-have gadget for many in the past six months with Nike, Fitbit and Jawbone all releasing bracelets that monitor your movement.

Meanwhile watches are also gaining traction and interest, with company's like Pebble leading the way and Apple rumoured to be developing its own smartphone accessory for your wrist.

If Adidas were to launch a sports watch and tie it in with its MyCoach apps and service it could be a very interesting move indeed.

We will keep you posted. 

Writing by Stuart Miles.