Adidas has measured the work rate and movement of Argentina and Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi through his adidas F50 miCoach boot.

The stats were gathered from the recent friendly between Argentina and Germany, which saw the South American side beat the Germans 3-1, with our man Lionel scoring one - though he did also miss a penalty.

The stats show Messi ran 8.49 km, sprinted 44 times throughout the match and reached a maximum speed of 30.71 km/hour. Adidas has revealed a summary of the stats in a graph and pie chart form.

adidas monitors lionel messi s performance through his adidas f50 micoach boot image 3

The adidas F50 miCoach boot - which the company describes as being “the world’s first boot with a brain” on account of its being fitted with a microchip - was unveiled in September 2011 with Messi endorsing the boot from the beginning.

However, it’s not just the world’s best player who can get hold of the adidas F50 miCoach boots: they're available to the Sunday park footballer too, complete with Speed Cell and dongle that helps in capturing your performance stats.

Do you use the adidas F50 miCoach boots? How do your performances measure against Messi's? Tell us below...