(Pocket-lint) - Acer is holding an event in New York, where it just unveiled three new wearables. Two of them are all about health and fitness, while the third one is a fashion-focused device, but they've each been unveiled as part of the Liquid Leap brand.

The Taiwan-based company showed off the Liquid Leap Fit, the Liquid Leap Active, and the Liquid Leap Curve. The Liquid Leap Fit is waterproof, features a 1-inch touchscreen and interchangeable bands, and is designed for continual fitness-tracking. The device packs a hear-rate sensor and, more interestingly, a stress sensor with two gold-plated pads capable of identifying galvanic skin response.

The Liquid Leap Active is a basic version of the Leap Fit. It, too, has a 1-inch touchscreen and can do some active fitness-tracking, such as detecting metrics like calories burned and distance travelled. It's waterproof as well and will let you control music and deal with notifications. Acer also said it’s working with several partners to create custom band designs for the device.

And finally, the Liquid Leap Curve is for the fashion-minded. Acer said such a device has to be beautiful "like jewelry", so it gave the device a curved touchscreen and battery, waterproofing, interchangeable bands and materials, and an ergonomic design, though it also features some of the other bands' health and fitness specs, including a heart-rate and stress sensor.

There's no word yet on pricing or a release date for either wearable.

Writing by Elyse Betters.