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(Pocket-lint) - VanMoof has unveiled its latest electric bikes, the S5 and A5. The first is a natural continuation of the lineage previous bikes have established, while the second is the company's first ever step-through bicycle.

VanMoof says that both bikes feature totally re-engineered designs featuring additions like a more silent motor than ever, a more powerful boost mode and a battery that should offer even longer ranges.

The handlebars also feature new rings of LEDs around them, to communicate details like your speed and which mode you're using while you're on the go, which looks like a smart system for at-a-glance information.

You can also more easily mount your phone onto the bike directly to use it as a dashboard thanks to an optional phone mount that looks like it uses the QuadLock system, and which will also be able to charge the phone by USB-C.

It's paired with an updated and more powerful VanMoof app to go with the smoother ride. We're most pleased to see a step-through frame, since it's a design option that opens up VanMoof's bikes to a way wider audience than the original frame did, even given the last-generation X3's easier ride.

The bikes launch today and can be ordered direct from VanMoof for a not-insignificant $2998 / €2498 / £2298. Going by the S3's superb performance when we reviewed it, though, this is likely to be one of the most comfortable city bikes going on the electric market.

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