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(Pocket-lint) - Oura is announcing updates for the third generation of its health-focused smart ring, and it's opening up pre-orders.

The Oura ring made headlines last year when it demonstrated how it could assist in the early detection of COVID-19 and other health conditions. That led to some heavyweight customers, including sports organisations like the NBA, WNBA, World Surf League, Red Bull Racing, Seattle Mariners, UFC, and NASCAR. Even Prince Harry was spotted wearing the Oura ring.

The new version adds four temperature sensors and a pulse oxygen sensor.

OuraSmarter Oura ring with improved health tracking now available to pre-order photo 1

Now, Oura ring users get live heart rate data, blood oxygen monitoring, and period prediction. Later this year, Oura said its ring will be able to record heart rates during runs, walks, and bike rides. It's also adding a “restorative heart rate", which measures whether users are taking enough stress breaks.

Oura has long focused on sleep, so, of course, it has a few updates in that area, too. Sometime next year, it promises to add improved sleep stage-tracking, as well as SpO2 data from the ring's red LEDs. Oura said it will analyse blood oxygen levels as you sleep for more accurate sleep quality data.

The ring costs $300 in the US and is up for pre-order now at Oura ring's website. It starts shipping from mid-November 2021.

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Writing by Maggie Tillman. Originally published on 26 October 2021.