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(Pocket-lint) - We absolutely loved both of Cowboy's last two generations of ebikes (the third-gen bike still sits pretty near the top of our list of the best electric bikes going), but the company is far from standing still - it's just unveiled the latest version of its bike.

The Cowboy 4 (or C4 for short) has a slightly redesigned look and plenty of changes under the hood (or should that be in the frame?). It's also getting a new sibling - the C4 ST, which has all the same specs but in a new step-through design.

That's a huge addition, to our minds - the Cowboy's frame has always been sleek, but wasn't too accessible for anyone used to a step-through. It might also make it a lot easier to convince people that the hefty €2,490 / £2,290 price is worth it. 

CowboyCowboy's fourth-gen ebikes bring myriad improvements and a step-through version photo 2

As well as the new frame, though, there are myriad small improvements to be found. A new drivetrain means that torque has got a 50 percent boost from last time out, which should make it incredibly quick off the blocks, while a new Quadlock mounting station on the handlebars is designed to let your phone act as a dashboard, handily. It'll also charge your phone to keep you moving, although it'll need a compatible case. 

The excellent Cowboy app has also had a new lick of paint to make things easier to navigate, and with dashboard use in mind, which is welcome. Mudguards are now included as standard, and there are a host of new components throughout the bike, even those that look similar to the old version. 

There are also real colour options for the first time, comprising grey, khaki and sand, another welcome change. The bikes will initially be an EU product, as before, but Cowboy says it very much has its sights set on the US. Pre-orders start now from the Cowboy website, with shipping likely in September. 

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