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(Pocket-lint) - Myzone's latest heart rate tracker is an interchangeable PPG and ECG heart rate monitor that can be used on the chest, arm, or wrist.

The MZ-Switch tracker costs $159.99/£139.99 and stays true to Myzone’s ethos of rewarding effort over physical fitness. It boasts a battery life of between three and six months on a single charge depending on use, with chest-only use being the least power-hungry. 

The tracker supports Ant+ and Bluetooth and features a built in memory of 36 hours. As you'd expect it can connect to your phone, third party apps and devices, such as Apple Watch, Samsung Watches, Android wear, Strava, Garmin, MapMyRun and Apple Health plus the Myzone app. You can also join in at-home workouts from your gym using MZ-Remote.

MyZone says that for any exercises, excluding swimming, but including those that involve heavy wrist movements or flexion like rowing, weight lifting, HIIT or running, the forearm or chest strap should be used. To activate PPG readings for the wrist and forearm, you need to press a small button on the side of the MZ-Switch to activate the optical reading.

The chest-based tracking - Myzone's traditional strength - continues to provide a cited 99.4% ECG accuracy and can be used for all exercises except swimming. As with Myzone's MZ-3 tracker, you simply need to put the chest strap on with the MZ-Switch module and it will automatically activate the ECG reading. 

MyzoneMyzone's latest heart rate monitor can be worn on the chest, arm, or wrist photo 2

"The new MZ-Switch is half the size," explained Myzone CEO Dave Wright at a briefing with Pocket-lint. "So if you can see that there, it's half the size, and we call it the switch, because you can button it off, and then put it onto your wrist, button it off, put it onto your forearm, you can put it onto a sports bra, you can button it on onto a smart t-shirt. And the whole point about it that is that, it depends on the modality of your exercise."

"When you are when you're training outside, it does connect up to your smartphone, and your smartwatch. So you can have your tile on your Apple Watch on your Samsung watch on your Android watch. But the whole point about it is that we wanted to make [it] the most versatile...and truly track your activity".

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Writing by Dan Grabham. Originally published on 24 March 2021.