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(Pocket-lint) - Zwift, the virtual running and cycling platform, has long aspired to produce its own hardware rather than being dependent on third-party providers - and now it looks as though it has three cycling hardware products in the works.

DC Rainmaker goes into depth in a post detailing his speculation on what the announcement of a Zwift supply chain management job ad likely means. The ad description is specific in saying that Zwift is "in the process of launching three at-home fitness products, that Zwift will manufacture and deliver directly to customers all over the world".

We're reluctant to say three turbo trainers, specifically, because chances are one of the products will be a fully fledged smart bike to join a baseline trainer and more advanced direct drive turbo trainer. Zwift will want to cover all price points and eventualities as, after all, it's a subscription model basis - and, at £11.99/$14.99 a month, that's where its cashflow comes from.

Engaging new Zwifters with product that can attract them to the platform, or new product that steps above and beyond the current third-party offerings - although the Tacx Neo 2T Smart and Wahoo Kickr V5 are both superb direct drive options - could be a key to getting existing subscribers to invest in new kit.

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DC Rainmaker goes on to detail where he believes the kit will come from, as a confirmed Chinese manufacturing process rules out a number of partnerships, likely meaning Magebe is a potential - but unconfirmed - producer of the incoming Zwift product line. It's also noted that multiple partners are on the cards, so how that will manifest in actual kit is something we'll be watching with keen interest.

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Writing by Mike Lowe. Originally published on 9 March 2021.