(Pocket-lint) - Strava has changed how it organises its subscriptions as the company looks to focus on serving its paying members.

Announced via a blog post from the founders - and served up in the Strava mobile app - Strava is moving away from a tiered system of subscriptions and offering one single subscription instead. 

That's seen the "Summit" branding flushed, leaving a simpler product that now offers a free tier or a subscription tier. That sees some of Strava's most attractive features moving behind the paywall and becoming the preserve of those paying subscribers.

That means that things like segment leaderboards are no longer available on the free tier, so if you want those, you'll have to pay £47.99 ($/€59.99) a year or £6.99 ($/€7.99) a month. Subscribing means you get all of the analysis, routes and everything else. 

The Strava founders say that the aim here is to serve the loyal customers the best and the firm up the future of Strava as a platform: rather than developing for the free level, the focus for new features will be for those subscribers.

While that might be a blow to some who have been enjoying the free offering, Strava has gone on to say that the aim here is to avoid the necessity of things like advertising or sponsored posts appearing on Strava. Additionally, Strava says it's not going to sell your data to raise funds.

For those who already subscribe, you'll find that Strava remains what it always has been - a great platform to track, share and analyse your training and racing, regardless of what device you capture it on. But those who choose not to subscribe will still have access to a free product - meaning you can still track your training and a whole lot more. 

There's a 60-day trial period available following the change - which was made effective immediately - and you should see the new features in your Strava app or on the website.

Writing by Chris Hall.