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(Pocket-lint) - MyZone, the fitness tracking platform that rewards you for effort rather than calories burned, has brought one of its biggest features to the smartphone app, so you can workout wherever you are and help reach your fitness goals.

Called Zone Match, the colour-coded cardio game was one the biggest features to launch with MyZone - we were able to try it out a few years ago - but at the time and until now, it has only been used for group-based classes. With Zone Match, you need to match your effort level to a specific coloured tile to earn MEPs (MyZone Effort Points). 

Zone Match is now available within the MyZone app for iOS and Android, meaning you don't need to go to a class to use the feature. Instead, you can use it at home or personally at the gym. There are 49 in-app challenges, each of which requires you to put in varying levels of effort, but ultimately all of them will help you to lose weight and increase your fitness.

MyZone's philosophy is that by turning workouts into games, you're more likely to try harder and want to come back for more to improve your score each time. 

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Zone Match is available as a free update now to the MyZone app, but you do need the MyZone chest strap to connect to it so it can track your progress. 

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Writing by Max Langridge. Originally published on 30 May 2018.