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(Pocket-lint) - Fitness company MyZone has announced the MZ-60 watch as the latest product to join its range of effort-rewarding health tracking wearables. The MZ-60 replaces the MZ-50, with the main differences being in the overall design and operation when in use.

The MZ-60 requires the MZ-3 chest strap to work, as this is where it gets all its data from. The MZ-3 is at the heart of all things MyZone.

The new watch now comes in two sizes, one large and one small, to accommodate smaller wrists, but manages to squeeze in a larger screen to display more information than before. Your heart rate, MEPs (MyZone Effort Points), and calories burned on the main screen, along with the current time. Other features include a stopwatch, countdown timer, alarm and interval time.

You can confident of wearing the MZ-60 at all times and in all weathers, as it is water resistant, so can withstand sweat and rain.

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MyZone MEPs reward the amount of effort you put into your workouts and exercise, and are completely tailored to your own personal fitness level. You can earn MEPs through all forms of exercise whenever you're wearing the MZ-3 chest strap, whether it be jogging, horse-riding or ice-skating.

Your health and fitness data can also be synced to a companion app for iOS and Android, where you can track your progress, which is displayed in various colours. The more effort you put into your exercise, the higher up the scale you move. The idea behind MyZone is that it rewards you for performing your best, rather than how many calories you burn.

The MyZone MZ-60 is available now in two sizes for £100 each, with the MZ-3 tracker costing £130.

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Writing by Max Langridge. Originally published on 27 July 2017.