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(Pocket-lint) - Moov has produced the HR to help better motivate you to complete workouts and gets you to perform exercises in a target heart rate zone. To make sure the heart rate monitor knows exactly what your heart rate is and better tailor the workout programme, the Moov HR sensor is worn on your head. The sensor picks up your heart beat from your temples, where the skin is thinner, making it more accurate. That's the theory, anyway.

To make sure the sensor stays in place during workouts, Moov has designed the Sweatband and Swim cap. The Sweatband is worn when you're out running, cycling, at the gym, or doing any other exercise that doesn't involve water. When wearing the Sweatband, you can be guided through different high intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts, to reach different target heart rates.

You can also use the Moov HR with the Moov Now and add passive heart rate tracking to existing workouts, including indoor and outdoor cycling, cardio boxing or running, with different training modes to choose from: internal, endurance, open or efficiency.

The Swim cap is worn when you want to take a dip in the pool and measures your heart rate during each length you swim.

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The heart rate sensor has a built-in rechargeable battery that claims to last around one week one a single charge and can be pre-ordered now for £45 for a limited time. The price will rise to £75 when shipping begins. Moov will also offer a launch product package which combines the HR sensor, Sweatband and swim cap for £82.50.

Meng Li, CEO of Moov said: "Moov has once again stepped outside the 'comfort zone' and instead of launching another product that falls in line with all of the other fitness wearables out there, we are launching a heart rate product that provides its users with much more."

"We chose to with the head based heart rate monitor for one simple reason, accuracy. We needed Moov HR to be incredibly accurate so that our users can train in the most effective and efficient way possible".

Writing by Max Langridge.