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(Pocket-lint) - BACtrack Skyn is a new wrist-based wearable that can measure the level of alcohol in your blood. It's smart enough to know if you've been drinking too much, without being invasive.

The wristband won't require you to breath all over it, like lots of current breathalysers, it also won't be as expensive. This uses a sweat sensor to analyse your ethanol perspiration and gives a readout of alcohol levels.

The alcohol analysing wearable isn't primarily designed to offer drive or don't drive readings. Rather it's been created to help offer a more accurate reading of alcohol consumption, over longer periods of time, to doctors. The Skyn won't be able to offer real-time data as readings are taken from being worn for a minimum of 45-minutes. So don't expect to have a quick check before jumping behind the wheel.

BACtrack was the winner of a US government competition by the National Institutes of Health called Wearables Biosensor Challenge. The result is a hefty prize of $200,000 dealt out to BACtrack for the Skyn wearable.

"The blood alcohol monitoring devices used in legal and medical circles are big and bulky, like a ball and chain for the ones using it," said Keith Nothacker, president of BACtrack. "We wanted to make something people would want to wear."

Hopefully this tech will improve for even faster readouts in the future and be affordable for all.

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Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 23 May 2016.